Mission Statement

Help for People, Inc., is made up of a group of dedicated Christians with a mission to help the people in our Long Island community who need help on our troubled economic times.

With God’s love and compassion, our goal is to make sure that no one goes without the basic necessities to live such as food, clothing, furniture, cooking gas, utilities and heat are among some of the items we offer to those who come to us for assistance.

We offer nutritious food from our food pantry to make a hot and healthy meal at home. In the future we hope to offer prepared hot meals to those who are unable to cook.

At our thrift store we offer affordable clothing, shoes and housewares. We also offer store vouchers to those who qualify to shop free.

Help For People, Inc. works closely with other organizations to refer individuals and families for services such as counseling, mentoring, teen parenting, literary programs, employment and medical services.

Whatever the need is, Help for People, Inc. is ready, willing and able to assist. Our mission is to help people to become self-sufficient and empowered to become a productive member of our LI community. In return we encourage those who we have assisted to extend their services to others in the community who may be in need.

Our future plans are to incorporate an after-school program for kids. A community center for the teens and tweens to have a safe place to go after-school. We hope to offer snacks, games, movies, homework help, counseling and good fellowship for the children.

As the Lord leads us, we will offer whatever services are needed in the community.

Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

What we do

Monetary Donations

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Vehicle Donation

Your donated vehicle will help us help the Long Island community with free food, clothing, and other basic necessities to live.

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We also offer counseling by Dr. Virginia Bieber of the Household of Faith Ministries if you need a shoulder to lean on.

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Thrift Shop

Our thrift shop is filled with quality clothing and shoes as well as some furniture, House wares and baby items. Those who are having a hard time making ends meets will be given a store voucher to shop for free.

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Food Pantry

If you, or anyone you know is struggling to keep food on the table, please don't hesitate to call us. With love, and compassion, we offer perishable and non-perishable foods when you need it.

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We are gladly accepting food donations anytime.


Help For People, Inc is a non-profit organization recently started with the idea that we, as a community of caring people can help to eliminate the struggle for single parents, and low income families and individuals At Help for People, Inc. we try our very best to get those in need back on their feet and on their way to independent living. We are a non profit organization and all donations provide help back to the community. During the course of the year we hold contests, raffles, auctions and other fundraisers to Help the community. Please feel free to contact us using the form below. We look forward to hearing from you.


Who we are

Kym Cornelia President kcornelia@helpforpeople.net
John Cornelia Director jcornelia@helpforpeople.net
Tracy Solero Vice President - Executive Director tsolero@helpforpeople.net
Otto Seyfarth Treasurer oseyfarth@helpforpeople.net
Justin Padgett Technology Director it@justinpadgett.info

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