Thank You

Thank you Best Yet supermarket in Massapequa for choosing Help for people! They have donated Thanksgiving bags (over 200 this week)! And will be donated for the next 2 weeks. Check out these pictures of their donation!

20151026_151642 20151026_151939 20151026_151942


Northside Elementary School once again blew us away with the kids food drive…these kids and staff are amazing. Thanks for never forgetting us and the LI community that we serve.

Thank you in advance young Sean and your group and Patchogue-Medford HS seniors for donating your time today and next Wednesday!!!! They don’t know yet, but they will be helping to put Thanksgiving baskets together, for deserving families :)

If you or anyone you know needs assistance with Thanksgiving please let them know we are ready and happy to help. Send an email to or just contact us.

Let’s give thanks for what we can do to help our LI community with the same love and compassion that God shows us!

(Looking for donations of fall wrapping paper and tape!!)
Also if you would like to donate Thanksgiving items please call and we will tell you what items are missing from the bags so far….

Thank you again!! We love you all…God bless

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